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Nature of work - Healthcare - Hypnotherapy

Description of processing

The following is a broad description of the way this organisation/data controller processes personal information. To understand how your own personal information is processed you may need to refer to any personal communications you have received, check any privacy notices the organisation has provided or contact the organisation to ask about your personal circumstances.

Reasons/purposes for processing information

We process personal information to enable us to provide health services to our patients, to maintain our accounts and records, promote our services and to support and manage our employees.

Type/classes of information processed

We process information relevant to the above reasons/purposes. This information may include:

personal details

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Register of data controllers

  • family details
  • lifestyle and social circumstances
  • goods and services
  • financial details
  • employment and education details

We also process sensitive classes of information that may include:

  • physical or mental health details
  • sexual life
  • racial or ethnic origin
  • trade union membership
  • religious or other beliefs of a similar nature
  • offences and alleged offences

Who the information is processed about

We process personal information about our:

  • patients
  • customers and clients
  • staff
  • suppliers
  • business contacts
  • professional advisers

Who the information may be shared with

We sometimes need to share the personal information we process with the individual themself and also with other organisations. Where this is necessary we are required to comply with all aspects of the Data Protection Act (DPA). What follows is a description of the types of organisations we may need to share some of the personal information we process with for one or more reasons.

Where necessary or required we share information with:

  • healthcare professionals
  • social and welfare organisations
  • central government
  • business associates
  • family, associates and representatives of the person whose personal data we are


suppliers and service providers;

financial organisations

current, past and prospective employers;

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Register of data controllers

employment agencies and examining bodies


It may sometimes be necessary to transfer personal information overseas. When this is needed information is only shared within the European Economic Area (EEA). Any transfers made will be in full compliance with all aspects of the data protection act.

Additional information not published on public register Compliance questionnaire

Someone in my place of work is responsible for making sure we comply with the Data Protection Act


Relevant people in my place of work have been trained in how to handle personal information


When collecting personal information, we tell people how we will use it


We have a process in place so we can respond to requests for the personal information we hold


We keep records of people’s personal information up to date and don’t keep it longer than necessary


We have security measures in place to keep the personal data we hold safe


Tier assessment questionnaire

Question 1: Is your organisation a charity or have exempt charitable status?


Question 2: Does your organisation have more than 249 staff?


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01341 242703

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