Manage your weight

                                          Do you want to manage your weight better?

Weight loss is a big project to take on, it can be achieved—You can achieve it.

People talk about  things being  “Life Changing”  losing weight is exactly that—things in your life will have to change forever.

So the questions are :—

1. Are you ready to make the changes that will give you the life you really want ?

2. Are you willing to put in the effort ?

If the answer to either of these is anything less than 100% yes you do not really want to lose weight and every per cent less than the 100 % will be working to defeat your efforts.

So how do we move forward

Firstly  look at those two questions and tell me what it would need to make them 100%--- do you lack confidence or motivation, have previous attempts failed, do others undermine your will to change?  If so tell me, we can deal with that first.

Right: assuming that you are totally committed let us now consider how hypnotherapy for weight loss differs from other methods. We need to know that there is no medical reason behind changes in your body shape, you need to be able to assure me that you have checked this out with your G.P

 Most important for you to know is that I am not going to wave a magic wand and make you thin. 

What I will do is help you identify why you are fatter than you want to be—once we know that and deal with that cause you will start losing weight automatically. Fat is just a symptom of whatever is not working in some aspect of your life. There are many reasons why people gain weight, some are emotionally based and others are habit or circumstance based. 

What I will do next  is make you aware of things that you can and need to do in order to be thinner. You are embarking on a project, ”New you” so like all successful projects you need a clear goal, a strategy to get you to that goal and ways of measuring how far you have progressed towards that goal.

Naturally the goal is to lose weight and you do not have to be hung up on a “Target weight” but you need to know in general terms—are we talking pounds /Kilo’s or Stones?

We will look at why you want to lose weight, what will the benefits be for you?

We will look at your relationship with food—what how when and WHY you eat

You are reading this and wondering where Hypnotherapy features----- be patient—it does and will already have done so by this point, we use it to find that initial cause for the “Fat symptom”, we use it to resolve the issues and we use it to motivate you and build your confidence.

You will be responsible for your own success, by that I mean that it will be your efforts supported by my skill and knowledge that will enable you to manage your weight long term.

Remember I said these are changes for life, your better life. Remember all those diets that have been advertised?  They involved doing something different for a time and getting a result—but  no one can stay on these fad diets forever, they are a short term fix. At the end people “Go back to normal” the trouble is their version of normal is what got them overweight so immediately failure is built in. 

Permanent weight loss means permanent changes to the choices you make, the actions you take and the beliefs that you hold.

Consider these phrases--- eat it all up, there are people who would be glad of what’s on your plate. What’s wrong, don’t you like my cooking. Don’t waste good food eat it all up. They are part of your conditioning what you think and believe so they control your actions. When did you last say I’ve had enough and leave food on the plate? How many times have you sneaked a snack and then had to force yourself to finish a meal to avoid a row with whoever has cooked?

Food and our relationship with it is complex, but it can be fun sorting it out, putting it right and getting the slim result that you want. 

Counting calories does not feature in the process---keeping note of how you feel when you eat certain foods does--- why did you go for chocolate instead of a banana? 

I’ve told you a little of what you and I will do, I must also tell you what I wont do. I won’t advise you on diet or nutrition except in general ways, you should consult a dietician ( talk to your G.P. for this on the NHS) similarly I will suggest that you include some level of exercise but again I do not claim qualification in that but you can take advantage of the “Exercise by invitation” scheme that will give you free sessions with an expert, he will help you progress easily towards good healthy activities that suit your lifestyle and needs that does not necessarily mean using the gym. Some of thses elements are only available to residents in Wales

This graphic will help you understand some of the issues that obesity brings

© Martin Williams 2013/15/16