Starting out

                                    Welcome to HypNOWtherapy.

                I offer practical solutions to help you live the life you desire.


Hypnotherapy is a very practical way of dealing with many issues. It puts you back in control of thoughts and feelings and allows you to  make the choices that work for you. 

Hypnosis has been used since ancient times but in the last 200  years it has been investigated by scientists and developed by practitioners so that it is a  measurable and effective way of treating a range of conditions.

 Training in Hypnotherapy encompasses N.L.P., C.B.T.  and numerous other methods and strategies so that treatments offered are multi-faceted enbling the thearpist to create treatments that suit the needs of the client. You the client are at the centre of a therapists work, we work for your benefit and it is important that you understand what we are doing and how it benefits you because that makes the treatment even more effective.

Hypnotherapy works for most people but it requires your involvement in the process: it is a bit like comparing a self build project with buying something ready built-- the self builder understands how everything works, where it fits and why it is constructed in that way, it means that future repairs can be done with a degree of self knowledge-- that is the benefit of hypnotherapy, once you understand the principles you can use that knowledge to help yourself in the future.

Hypnotherapy helps you find different ways of dealing with issues or problems---if what you have tried in the past does not work now is the time to try something else.

Hypnotherapy is fast, sometimes amazingly fast, at dealing with issues that may have caused you problems or concern for a long time. It rarely takes more that 6 sessions to deal with even the most embedded issues, Fears and Phobias  can be dealt with in one session.

The "Articles and thoughts" section holds explanations and articles that might give you a different perspective, and a new way of viewing situations and problems. The articles  may also lead you to find ways of tackling them. The therapies have technical sounding names but they are very straightforward and are  often fun ways of getting rid of fears and phobias.

Have a look round the site let me know what you think and of course contact me with any questions you have before making an appointment

If you  want to understand my way of working and fundamental starting point for therapy, consider these three quotes and the items that have been added below them.

The secret of change is to focus all of your energy NOT on fighting the old but on Building the new


The mind is everything:- what you believe you become


mind change

                                           ‘Sensation tells us a thing is.
                                  Thinking tells us what it is this thing is.
                               Feeling tells us what this thing is to us.’
                                                        - Carl Jung

© Martin Williams 2013/15/16